Things I’ll Do When I’m ABD

  • Have a party, but then:
  • Come up with an extremely disciplined writing and research schedule and stick to it perfectly (ha)
  • Come up with a pretty workable writing schedule, complemented by the occasional all-nighter to meet a deadline
  • Bake more
  • Start my own Great British Bake-Off (working title: The Kate British Bake-Off)
  • Skate more
  • Re-learn how to land an axel
  • Come up with a skating routine that I can do right after I defend my dissertation and my whole committee will watch and clap and cheer and be like THIS IS THE HEIGHT OF INTERDISCIPLINARITY
  • Shoot my own version of I, Tonya where I am Tonya
  • Get sued by Margot Robbie probably
  • Work on my memoir
  • Meet Reese Witherspoon
  • Meet Nicole Kidman
  • Befriend Nicole Kidman by becoming her dialect coach for a movie where she’s playing a German lady and then we travel the world and do yoga together and she tells me all about Tom Cruise and Scientology
  • Hopefully write a dissertation

Let’s Be Kind!

Let me get something out of the way: I fail at being kind. I say mean things about people, sometimes to their faces, more often behind their backs. I think bad things all the time. I am full of Schadenfreude.

But I do aim for being kind as much as I can. And honestly, when we have a president who is a literal bully and a figurative fucking asshole, let’s aim for a little more kindness in this world!

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Depression, Grad School, and TV: What I Learned from my Not-So-Great Summer

This spring, I got depressed, and I spent the summer finding my way back out of it. I’ve now had some distance from it, and I’ve started talking to more people about it, so today, on World Mental Health Day, I’m writing about it.

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Bitte nicht herrklären

Recently I learned that the German verb for “mansplaining” is herrklären: a perfect portmanteau of “Herr” (mister or sir) and “erklären” (to explain). Mansplaining is already a great word (thank you, Rebecca Solnit), but let’s be honest, herrklären is just better, and provides yet another example of why the German language is so wonderful.

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