Welcome to Lady Academics

Hello. We are ladies, and we are academics. This is a blog by and for ladies in academia.

What will we write about? Whatever we want: movie reviews, the imposter syndrome, makeup, not wearing makeup, going to conferences, publishing articles, being a cat lady, relationships in grad school, The Bachelor, great and terrible experiences teaching, Donald Trump, panic attacks, panic attacks about Donald Trump. And much, much more.

What can you write about? Whatever you want! If you are a woman in academia, we would love to publish your short pieces (non-academic pieces – this is no peer-reviewed journal!) on any aspect of life in and around the academy.

All too often – in the academy and outside of it – female voices are interrupted by, talked over, and drowned out by those of our male colleagues. This blog aims to champion women’s voices, whether loud or soft, by collecting and publishing work by as diverse an array of female academics as possible. We hope that you will enjoy taking part in this discourse.

-Amy, Kate, and Marianne, editors of Lady Academics


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