Bitte nicht herrklären

Recently I learned that the German verb for “mansplaining” is herrklären: a perfect portmanteau of “Herr” (mister or sir) and “erklären” (to explain). Mansplaining is already a great word (thank you, Rebecca Solnit), but let’s be honest, herrklären is just better, and provides yet another example of why the German language is so wonderful.

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On PPD & a PhD

Lady Academics is thrilled to publish our first essay from a guest poster, Carly Lesoski! We hope you enjoy it. As always, please feel free to submit pieces to us at theladyacademics [at]!

Sitting my therapist’s waiting room, I fidget with my shaking hands, thoughts racing. My therapist appears in the doorway, smiling pleasantly as always. She asks me what I want to drink. Water, I answer, as always. I settle down on her fluffy new couch, while she gets her coffee and my water. My heart pounds, and I feel the shame starting to well up in my stomach and spill over into my chest. I try to shake the feeling, but it just won’t go away.

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Lady Academics Meet a Bachelorette Contestant

Today, Amy, Marianne and I met Luke Pell (of Bachelorette fame) at Starbucks. Well, Amy and Marianne met him…..I’d met him before, at the same Starbucks, about five months prior. Anyway, this picture was taken at the moment Amy said “fuck the patriarchy”.

Luke, if you want to be interviewed by three delightful ladies, please be in touch. We’re easy to find.